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Re: Remove Weld Backing Bar, ASCE 31 Review

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Mr Shaw,

Thanks for your infomation.  I was in your seminar many years ago at
Palo Alto, CA.  ASCE 31 is the old FEMA 310 except it cost about $30
per copy.

I have just read the chapter 2 of FEMA 351.  I am going up there (25'
high) to take a visual on the connection.  Backing bars used in those
days are pretty big.  It is not a easy task to remove them.  The
process of prying it off, may also add to the existing stresses.  The
cost starts to build up if we decided to pay for the cost of folloing
Seismic Provision recommended grinding and fillet weld per I-11.2(1).

I thought about  UT the joints.  With a backing bar there, UT may be a
problem too.

I will keep you posted.


On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 11:33:52 -0500, Robert E Shaw Jr
<rshaw(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Sam,
> Take a look at FEMA 351, Recommended Seismic Evaluation and Upgrade Criteria
> for Existing Welded Steel Moment-Frame Buildings, July 2000, esp section
> 5.4.
> I don't have ASCE 31 so I do not know how detailed it gets regarding the
> issue.
> Bob Shaw

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