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Good recommendation. I have used Xypex and it works
well. It can be applied on concrete surface that is
already set or it can be added when concrete is being

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> Not sure what your details look like but you might
> try Xypex.
> Jim K.
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> Subject: waterproofing a retaining wall...
> I am designing a house on a steep hillside lot in
> San Francisco. It is a zero lot line condition,
> where this house and the neighboring houses have no
> side setbacks. The required cuts into our lot will
> require soldier piles and lagging. The structural
> engineer has designed a system where the lagging is
> on the property line and the soldier piles (wide
> flange columns) are in front of the lagging
> (typically the lagging is placed within the flanges
> of the piles). The soldier piles will have holes in
> them, to allow horizontal reinforcement to pass
> through them and these piles will be incased within
> the concrete.
> My question is waterproofing. Does anyone know of a
> way to waterproof a condition such as this? In a
> typical situation, where space is not an issue, the
> lagging will be placed within the flanges and will
> be placed against the front flange. This relatively
> flat plane will then be covered by the waterproofing
> membrane and the concrete wall will be poured / shot
> against this system.
> Any help is appreciated!

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