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Re: Business policies on snow leave

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Our company has employee manuals in place, which we purchased from, and structured to meet our needs.  Michigan gets alot of snow especially this year --and we do not have SNOW LEAVE.  If the office is completely shut down because of the weather, then alot of businesses are in the same boat and they are shut down as well as are schools to allow the roads to be cleared. We accept that.  But SNOW LEAVE?  What next?  

If they need a day or two because of no power, can't get through the roads etc.  that is understandable, however after a day or so, we feel that with the all the 4 wheel vehicles on the road today, there isn't much excuse not to get into work if you live within a 20-30 mile radius.  

What we do here is you have 6 personal/sick days per year, how you use them is up to you and if you go over that - you start using your vacation days.  If it gets excessive, then it is at the employer's discretion to pay these days off that are potentially "not earned".

It's a tough call.  For those who always make it in, that in itsef could potentially be discriminatory.  Are you going to give the employees who consistently make it in 3 days extra pay or time off at the end of the year because THEY DID SHOW UP? Or now does it become a situation where they take the day off anyway, because THEY KNOW a few other people won't make it.

We solved some of this problem by putting those employees we can on an hourly rate rather than salaried.    

You may have to ask a labor attorney this question!  I would be curious as to their response.


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