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RE: Business policies on snow leave

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Back in the old days, when I had a staff, invariably someone would ask me if they had President’s day off, I replied “only Presidents get President’s day off”. When they asked if they got Veteran’s Day off, I replied “only veterans get Veteran’s day off.” This is probably one reason I no longer have a staff :o).


More seriously, maybe the “snow days” could be part of a Personal Time Off package (which includes sick time, etc.) where the individual employees could decide on their own if it was too dangerous to drive to work.


I would think that a vital part of an employee’s manual should be a warning (or education) that the more non-billable days a company offers the employees in effect reduces the gross billing hours of the firm, adding to the overhead rate therefore making the firm less competitive. Eventually, the firm loses enough work due to this inefficiency and has to lay off these well compensated employees. The good news is that they won’t have to worry about driving in the snow.




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When I lived and worked in New York City, our company used mass transit as our barometer.

Clearly people who have a 4WD and live close cannot be used to decide for everyone.

The way my boss set it up, if buses, or commuter trains were not running or were seriously delayed,

then employees could not be expected to get to work.


You didn't say where your office is, so this might be only minimally helpful.


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