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Re: Business policies on snow leave

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Well, my old firm had a call-in policy.  If it was _really_ bad - so dangerous that the CEO didn't want to lose an employee bad - the office would be closed. The auto-attendant message would
updated - usually 45 minutes to an hour before the start of the day.  It happened maybe two or  three times in the four years I worked there (I live in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia). 

A liberal leave/makeup policy was allowed - if you were late or absent due to snow, you could take vacation (and later "personal time off") OR you could make up the time within the current two week pay period. If the snow day occured on the last day or two of the pay period, you were offically required to take personal leave, however the unwritten rule was salaried employees (professionals) could quitely make it up the subsequent payperiod and call it even. The written payperiod rules were fashioned to stay within the letter of the overtime laws. 

Summary: If you're all going to die on the roads, the whole office is closed - company picks up the tab.  If it's just messy, you're on your own - make it up or take vacation leave.

On the subject of leave, I always thought the policy at my wife's old firm was interesting. They had a specific number of vacation days, and unlimited sick days. Yes, you heard right - UNLIMITED sick days. The catch was that "abusing" the sick leave policy was grounds for dismissal. Abuse was not defined in the manual. (They carried LTD for everyone, and sick ended where LTD took over).


At 09:47 AM 3/4/2005 -0500, you wrote:

Our small firm is trying to develop some policies and one is with regard to leave due to snow events.  The company (at the CEO s suggestion) wants to provide employees with what is termed Unscheduled Leave but wants to make it at the Company s discretion and not the employee s.  Of course, the CEO lives close to the office and has 4 WD.  And, everyone s situation is different how far they have to commute, some areas got hit with more snow than others, etc.  What sort of guidelines might work.  The leave is indicated as being up to 3 days/yr.  Perhaps we have the wrong thing in mind. 


Does anyone have any experience or can you give me feedback on policies that do (and don t work)?  I m probably opening this up to a lot of comment, but I d like to get some info on this.


Candi Anderson, P.E.


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