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RE: Calcium Choloride in Concrete Admixture

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At one time the use of calcium chloride was common. It does improve the workability of plastic concrete especially in cold weather. But it can play hell on reinforcing. It also may not be much of a problem with steel reinforcing.

The 2 professional sports stadiums for the Royals and Chiefs here in Kansas City are often lauded as being top quality even though they date back to the early 1970's. They both are constructed of concrete with calcium chloride. They have had to have some minor repairs over the years, but they are performing very well with no excessive corrosion.

Even with that anecdotal evidence, I would avoid any admixture with calcium chloride. I would require a sample to be analyzed by a laboratory to see if calcium chloride is a major constituent. There are ASTM requirements for concrete admixtures. The ACI does NOT preclude calcium chloride, but you need to be prudent in where you use it.

Check out the caveates in ACI 318-02 Sect. 3.6.3, and the referenced ASTM's. Contractors use products that they are familiar with and know the performance within the last 10 years or so. We engineers need to be aware of the performance now and about 50 years in the future.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Calcium Choloride in Concrete Admixture
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I am just wondering if anyone has used a concrete accelerator called "HYGRO GUARD". The manufacturer claimed that Calcium Chloride was not used as one of the main ingridients. My contractor has been using it for the winter mix, do you think it is safe for the reinforcement bar (considering calcium chloride was not really the main ingridients)?

Thank you for your comments!

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