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Re: Incompetent Plan Checker -- Was: Ceiling deflection damage caused by excessive snow - who is responsible

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Bill Polhemus wrote:
Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:
I suggest you tone down your comments and simply accept our disagreement with your opinion and allow you to rebut the comments in a professional manner.
Hm. So it IS okay for one member of this list to call another "incompetent" based solely on the brief information available in discussion on this list--but it is NOT okay to point that out in an acerbic comment?

In other words, I can call you "incompetent" and that's just an _expression_ of opinion. But if you grumble about my use of the word, you're out of line.

Just trying to figure out the ethical priorities, here.
No, Bill - the point is that you were on the attack and it was not simply to clear up a misunderstanding or interpretation - for those of us who know you and read your e-mails, you were on the prowl and you chose Gail as your victim. This is out of line. When we were discussing "incompetence" we were talking of the actions of a building department who either gives out incorrect information or leaves it out of their municipal code.
I think you know quite well what the ethical priorities are here - and you are over-stepping those boundaries. Lighten up, as we are all due our opinions including you. I'm not arguing that, but when you do so in a manner that most people perceive as mean spirited, it is not professional or expected from one of our peers.
If you can't keep it decent then take it private, but don't subject others to unprofessional conduct among your peers - it is in poor taste.


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