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RE: Precast beams

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Ms. Anderson;
Based on my experience asphalt over a concrete deck is not usually a good idea. 
1.  It is a dead load.
2.  There is a tendency to collect water between the asphalt and concrete.
3.  It is difficult to see what is happening under the asphalt to the concrete.
If you absolutely have to do this I would us a tined finish with a tack coat.
Usually, beams are specified with a roughened finish to have the cast in place deck adhere better to the beams.  Exactly what type of beam are we talking about here?

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Some of the specs I’ve looked at call for a skid-resistant grooved finish on driving surfaces of precast beams and rough casting for those that will have a concrete topping.  Does anyone have comments if the top of a precast member is going to have an asphalt overlay?  I would think we would still want a rough cast finish or some other “bonding” method (if so, what?).



Candi Anderson, P.E.