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Tongue & Groove Diaphragm Retrofit

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I've got a west coast project involving sesimcic retrofit for a 42' x 90'
pump house building, about 20' tall, constructed in 1946. The building has
concrete shear walls with a frame supported wood roof. The roof diaphragm
consists of 2" tongue and groove, covered by built up roofing. The existing
sheathing is supported on wood purlins at 7' centers, and the purlins are
supported on steel beams at 18' centers. The purlins are toe-nailed to a
wood nailer bolted to the steel support beams. The steel support beams are
bolted to corbels at the ends, and have steel beams for lateral bracing.

The plan is to beef up the diaphragm with an overlay of plywood sheathing. I
was wondering whether I could take any credit for the tongue and groove
acting together with the plywood, or if I should just treat it as "gravy"
and rely on it for vertical loads only. Does the 2" sheathing eliminate any
of the need for blocking? Anybody out there run into this type of situation
before? I'm having trouble finding a design reference for this situation.   

Also, I am looking for section properties for a 21WF59.

Jim Lutz
Earth Tech 
Bellevue, WA

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