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Re: Incompetent Plan Checker -- Was: Ceiling deflection damage caused by excessive snow - who is responsible

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OK, kids, lets' knock it off.  If you need to do this, then do it privately.  

Neil Moore, S.E.

who's gotten off of other lists when this kind of stuff got out of hand.

I also know that we've lost some very good contributor's in the past because of the juvenile behavior of some of us.  (I admit, I've done some too)

At 12:54 PM 3/7/2005, Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:
Bill Polhemus wrote (DRIPPING IN SARCASM):

Okay, so let me understand (since you don't appear to answer my question with your reply). I'm simply trying to learn the ground rules that you apparently know without thinking. Some of us aren't so quick.

1) It is okay to call someone else on this list "incompetent"--in fact, several someones, in Gail's case--based on the slight familiarity with a person on this list.

2) However, it is NOT okay to object to the easy way in which that "loaded" word is slung about.

Please let me know if I got that right or not, that I may learn wisdom of you.

I'm afraid that I am too dense to glean much from your above response. I'm extremely dense, and could've sworn you were just railing at me without any real point. Please forgive my stupidity; I'm trying to alleviate it.
You really are a piece of cake - I'm not sure where the anger comes from, but since you asked, here are my personal opinions, of your e-mail replies; You are not dense, just stubborn and obstinate - you prove this by such dripping sarcasm. You obviously understand implied language and should understand decent behavior among your peers. You are not Autistic which would cover those who take language literally rather than understanding implied language rules. Don't push me on this one issue because I am an expert on Autistic behavior as well as those with Downs Syndrome. You don't fit the mold of either and that makes you simply cantankerous and obstinate.


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