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Ban The "I" Word (Re: Incompetent Plan Checker)

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Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:

You really are a piece of cake - I'm not sure where the anger comes from, but since you asked, here are my personal opinions, of your e-mail replies; You are not dense, just stubborn and obstinate - you prove this by such dripping sarcasm. You obviously understand implied language and should understand decent behavior among your peers. You are not Autistic which would cover those who take language literally rather than understanding implied language rules. Don't push me on this one issue because I am an expert on Autistic behavior as well as those with Downs Syndrome. You don't fit the mold of either and that makes you simply cantankerous and obstinate.

Dennis, it's very simple.

I do not believe that it is "ethical behavior" to use a term like "incompetent" in reference to anyone else on this list. Disagreeing with someone's opinion is not a problem--though I wish that it were based on something less "passionate" than simply politics, as unfortunately happens all too often.

But the word "incompetent" has grave implications, even on a public forum. I have stated here how I had to learn--the hard way--how your words on forums like this can come back to haunt you in a legal setting, for example. Can you imagine how an unscrupulous attorney might use such a quote to his advantage in a courtroom?

I admit: I cannot get over how appalled I was that this word was used with regard to me, without that person knowing a single thing about any of the facts being discussed, and yet no one else seem to think it was a big deal. Again, it's one thing to disagree with someone's opinion concerning any of the issues we discuss, but when you use a term so fraught with negative implications as that... Well, I'm not "that kind of guy," but I shouldn't wonder if it were not actionable. I know at least one instance of a P.E. here in Texas who had his license suspended for using inflammatory language in a letter regarding another engineer's competence.

So I repeat: How is it that such a repugnant act as that is "acceptable," but it is NOT acceptable to bring up the fact of its repugnance? I seriously want to know the answer to that.

I do apologize if it rankles; I have the annoying habit of not letting go of things I feel are out of line. That's not to say "holding a grudge." It IS to say "this is unjust under any circumstance, and I can't just drop it."

But no one thought it worth even so small a thing as an apology, or even an acknowledgement that it was a very WRONG thing to do.

Between the two of us, I think it far better if _I_ am the one who leaves. My opinion seems to be in the minority regarding this topic, after all. And majority certainly rules.

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