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incompetence, snow days and SEA-INT

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I read the list in digest mode - and as such, I tend to miss out on the chances to be first to respond with an either humorous or snide/sarcastic comment.  That seems to have helped me - I tend to err towards snide/sarcastic.  I also can't imagine actually being able to spend the time it takes to read to and respond to a dozen messages each day.
On the issue of snow days, I find some if not most of the opinions on this board to be funny (odd?).  If your company has an open leave policy, such as, "...covering just about everything from sickness to fishing to mental health..." then if someone takes a day to go boarding, what is the problem?  In fact, if the impression is that the policy covers "fishing" then should the employee make sure they say they were fishing?  Now, I happen to live within walking distance of work.  This is done on purpose - for a number of GREAT reasons.  However, I would still laugh in everyone's face if someone tried to explain to me that the miracle of 4x4 pickups means that I shouldn't miss work because of a snowstorm making the roads unsafe.  Of course, I actually do come to work every day - but then the policy in our office is not nearly as open as most.  We get a handful of sick days - and those don't accrue beyond 10 - yes that means that after the first year here an employee wouldn't need to accrue any more sick time.  We get a handful of vacation days, but you would be amazed at how they never seem to "accrue".  I even had to use a "vacation" day to go to the hospital to visit my grandmother after her stroke and used two more "vacation" days for the funeral a couple of weeks later. 
My advice to those who feel slighted when the leave policy is "abused":  change the policy.  If you're not in a position to change the policy then quit worrying about it - it's not your responsibility to do so.
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