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Re: Tongue & Groove Diaphragm Retrofit

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"Some areas publish diaphragm values for diagonal T&G (such as City of San Diego) rather than perpinducular to supports."

The NDS supplement Special Design Provision for Wind and Seismic has some lumber diaphragm values in Table 4.2C.  Double diagonal sheathing, which seems like more trouble than it is worth for most cases, gets a very good value.  Standard horizontal lumber sheathing gets such a low design value as to be worthless in almost any seismic case I can think of - maybe it would cover the shed that I keep my lawnmower in.  

In cases where the architect wants to see TNG from below, I provide plywood above.  You just have to be careful to use a plywood thickness and nail lengths such that your nails don't stick out the bottom of the TNG.  Hundreds of nail tips sticking out of your ceiling ruins the nice wood look that the TNG tries to acheive.  


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