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Re: Incompetent Plan Checker -- Was: Ceiling deflection damage caused by exc...

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Very well put, Antonio.

David Topete, SE
--- ASLCSE(--nospam--at) wrote:
> Just to put in my 2 cents:
> As history has shown, one should not and cannot rely
> on the plan  checker.
> I appreciate a good plan check (or should I call it
> Plan review) with  
> constructive "corrections", however most of the time
> that is not the case. 
> What I really hate is receiving a "pre-printed"
> correction sheet with   items 
> circled by the plan checker. Either he/she is 
> a) Inexperienced and circles items to broaden
> his/her  knowledge (on  my time 
> and dime) or
> b) He/she circles items that are clearly shown on
> the submitted  calculations 
> and/or drawings, or
> c)  His/her command of the English language is very
> poor and circles  items 
> on the correction sheet which may have a word or
> "expression" in it  that he is 
> looking for.
> I believe, that plan corrections should be "clearly"
>  (legibly) hand written 
> or typed by the checker, this way he  hopefully can
> address his real question.
> That sad part is that we have to answer to or
> comment on every  "correction".
> In regards to "incompetent" I too use this word for
> licensed engineers to  
> whom structural plan review is farmed out by a Bldg.
> Dept.  and apparently just 
> "rubberstamp" the drawings, ignore the submitted 
> calculations that are full 
> of grave mistakes (to the tune that the  structure
> would even collapse if built 
> as "approved") and use the excuse  that they are not
> being paid enough and 
> that only the EOR is responsible for the  drawings
> and calculations.  
> "Professionals" like this (checker and EOR)  should
> be reported to the State Board. 
> Antonio S. Luisoni
> Consulting Structural Engineer

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