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Re: LRFD and Steel Plates

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Dave -

I assume you're bending in the strong-direction, or else you wouldn't
need LRFD F1-14. The moment capacity would simply be Mp (no buckling when bending about weak axis).

I don't actually know the answer, but I believe that 57000 has units of ksi. Here's my rationale:

1) Lr = 57000*ry*sqrt(J*A)/Mr           [LRFD F1-10, 1993 spec]

2) Lr = 2*ry*E*sqrt(J*A)/Mr             [LRFD F1-10, 1999 spec]

3) Therefore, to get the same results, 2*E = 57000
   Well, it's close anyway.  ;-)

Therefore, for Lb in inches, I would expect to obtain Mcr in kip*in.

HTH (and that my logic is actually working today),


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