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Re: Incompetent Plan Checker -- Was: Ceiling deflection damage caused by exc...

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Arvel L. Williams, P.E. wrote:

We can be nastier here.  This gives Engineers a bad name.
The implications are far too grave (although I realize we're somewhat safe if we do not "zero in" on anyone specific).

Remember, this ain't Las Vegas. What goes on here, does NOT necessarily STAY here.

Hey, any of you actually worked overseas, say in Hispanic south of the
border.  Down there we are actually considered important people and treated
with the same respect reserved for Architects, Doctors, and some Lawyers.
It was really nice.
I'm sure.

But then, I think we put far TOO much emphasis on "esteem" for "Doctors 'n' Lawyers 'n' such." And many architects are merely legends in their own minds.

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