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RE: California Building Standards Commission vote

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Yes Tom, the recommendation of the Coordinating Council  is to go forward with the I Codes...see below, which was sent out by CALBO .  The Commission will vote next Wednesday.   You may also want to get on the CALBO website :
Steve Widmayer, PE
CALBO sent:

The Coordinating Council of the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) met today in Sacramento to finally make a recommendation to the CBSC as to how to move forward with a building code, despite the issues impeding the adoption of the NFPA 5000.  In a unanimous vote by all state agencies represented on the Coordinating Council and under separate motions, the Council voted to recommend; the July 29, 2003 decision to recommend the adoption of the NFPA 5000 be rescinded and the state should move forward with the International Building Code (IBC), the structural provisions of the International Residential Code (IRC) should continue to be used, and the International Fire Code (IFC) should be recommended for use.


After the Council voted to rescind the July 29, 2003 recommendations, it was necessary for the commission to make an entirely new set of recommendations to the CBSC.  Following extreme protocol, each respective code was brought up, seconded by another commission member, then unanimously approved for recommendation to the commission.  The State Fire Marshal himself, Ruben Grijalva, made the motion to move forward with the IFC.  The motions were followed by multiple testimonies, many by CALBO leaders and members, in support of each motion.  Only one testimony, that by the NFPA lobbyist, was recorded against the motions.


The recommendations to move forward with the IBC, IRC and the IFC will be presented to the CBSC next week in Sacramento.  The agenda has been posted on the CBSC’s website and would allow for the commission to take action next week in moving the IBC forward.


Next Wednesday’s meeting is the meeting to attend, for it is indeed history in the making!  The meeting will take place at the Secretary of State’s auditorium, located at 11th & “O” Street in Sacramento (same location as today’s meeting), next Wednesday, March 16 at 10:00am.  CALBO members are HIGHLY encouraged to attend to voice our support for the IBC, IRC and IFC and ensure a victory next week!


Should you have questions about next weeks meeting, please call Matt Wheeler at 916-457-1003.


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I've seen too many scams via e-mail to believe unconfirmed messages.  Could someone who has more direct knowledge please confirm the below message:

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Tuesday March 8, 2005

A few hours ago in Sacramento, the Building and Standards Commission
Council voted unanimously to reverse the July 29, 2003 decision of the
Commisssion to
adopt NFPA 1 and NFPA 5000.

Then, in a second motion, they unamimously recommended adoption of the
International Building Code.

Finally, a third motion again carried unamimously to recommend adoption of
the International
Fire and Residential Codes.

These recommendations for the State of California adopt the ICC family of
codes will be on the
agenda next Wednesday, March 16th at the next scheduled meeting of the
Building and Standards Commission.


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