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RE: Delegation of responsibility - was "plan checker" which was "ceiling deflection"

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I agree. Designs should be properly reviewed and checked prior to
submitting to the "plan reviewer". The PE is responsible for the
validity of the design, not the plan reviewer. The plan reviewer should
not be relied upon to catch design errors - only to point out potential
inconsistencies with regulatory requirements that may have been
accidentally overlooked. 

Perhaps some plan reviewers don't do enough review - and others overstep
their bounds during reviews. But if a bad design gets approved, it is
still primarily the PE's responsibility. 

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	Subject: Delegation of responsibility - was "plan checker" which
was "ceiling deflection"
	Relying on a plan checker seems like relying on a building
inspector to perform your job and relieve you of your liability. It is
nice to have a second set of eyes to check one's work, but, even if
similar tasks could be delegated through a subcontract to others, the PE
would, in my opinion, still have primary responsibility for the PE's
work product. If the plan checker failed to do their job, they are only
responsible to the extent of their contract (in the case of this
discussion, with the municipality). It would seem to me that the chain
of responsibility would follow the path of the contracts.
	Of course, always consult an attorney first...
	James Cohen, PE
	James Cohen Consulting, PC

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