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sprinklers, fire damage to slab

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At my old company we had a whole section in our genreal notes covering sprinklers, how to mount them, max point loads per hanger, etc. Over a certain weight, they must be ground supported, nobody wants a 4" pipe hanging off their joist roof. Also, we required that the CONTRACTOR provide to the joist (or truss) a full sprinkler plan with loads to the joist manufacturer. Best to stay out of these tricky/sticky/icky coordination items, but you need to delegate it...
Fire on Slab:
For a slab on grade damaged by a fire, what is the concern? Unless it is post-tensioned or something, I would just look for cracks which are really only aesthetic anyway, in addition to the delam tests mentioned previously. I have investigated a fire damaged slab from an electrical explosion, and it cracked the slab. In my opinion (and from others on this list I believe) it was from moisture in the slab that was superheated into steam and expanded and caused cracks. Have them seal the cracks or epoxy them and you are done...
Andrew Kester, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
Lake Mary, FL