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RE: Delegation of responsibility - was "plan checker" which was "ceiling deflection"

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I guess different states have different rules, but I'm under the impression
(not being an attorney, that's all I'm entitled to) that the EOR has all the
responsibility on drawings s/he stamps and signs even if a set of plans does
not comply with a section of the code and the plan checker misses it.

But this issue is off the original point about designing to a specific
ground snow load. I do believe it is the responsibility of the building
official, regardless of their education, technical background or experience
to provide an accurate basis of design. It seems to me that the 2001 CBC
backs me up on this. Section 1614 states "Buildings and other structures and
all portions thereof that are subject to snow loading shall be designed to
resist the snow loads, as determined by the building official, in accordance
with the load combinations set forth in Section 1612.2 or 1612.3." For the
alternate design procedure in the appendix, it says (in section 1639,
Appendix Chapter 16, p. 2-387) "For the hatched areas in Figure A-16-1, the
basic ground snow loads shall be determined by the building official. The
ground snow load, Pg, may be adjusted by the building official when a
registered engineer or architect submits data substantiating the
adjustments." Either way, it appears (to me) that the building official is
responsible for establishing the ground snow load. The way I see it, issues
addressing the qualifications of the building official are irrelevant.

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Perhaps some plan reviewers don't do enough review - and others overstep
their bounds during reviews. But if a bad design gets approved, it is
still primarily the PE's responsibility. 

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