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RE: Multi-Story Timber Design!

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The 5th edition expands on the discussion of perforated shear walls, but not much.  The SAME references are used, which base the discussion on the AF&PA method.  The main differences in the 4th & 5th editions are that the 4th is based on the 1997 NDS & 1997 UBC, whereas the 5th is based on the 2001 NDS & the 2003 IBC.  There is more stuff in there on the latest news in the industry, etc. -- big, FAT book!
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Subject: Re: Multi-Story Timber Design!

My Fourth Edition just has the same stuff as the AF&PA. Does the 5th Ed. cover Diekmann's rational method?  Maybe I need to buy Kelly's new book :o)
Chuck Utzman, P.E.

Dave Adams wrote:
My FAVORITE wood resource continues to be "Design of Wood Structures" by Donald Breyer ... I think it's in it's 5th edition now with some other authors, using 2003 IBC.  Don't let the "multi-story" character of the building freak you out.  Wood design is still wood design, you just have to make sure you're (1) distributing your lateral forces vertically according to the Code and (2) carefully following your load paths.  Pay particular attention to your shear wall holdowns -- you need to make sure you're carrying the forces all the way to the foundation from all levels, either directly or some circuitous path that follows proper mechanics.  You'll draw a lot of free-body diagrams for beams, shear walls, footings and other elements, depending on how complicated the building is, but you'd be doing some of that for a single-story building as well.
Good luck,
Dave K. Adams, S.E.
Lane Engineers, Inc.
Tulare, CA
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Subject: Multi-Story Timber Design!

I am currently designing a multi-story timber structure and I would like to know of any good references on the subject. Thanks in advance.

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