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Wide-format Printer/Scanner

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    I was wondering if any of you have recommendations concerning a wide format printer/scanner. Our company currently has for its main printer an OCE TDS 600 with Print Ex LT software for submitting print jobs. As a GC we have to print a lot of drawings, and we have been reasonably happy with the OCE's performance. However, our lease is set to expire in June, and we are looking at the available options. Thus far we our looking at OCE, Kip America, and Xerox. Is there other brands some of you have used? We need the following capabilities:
    1. The ability to rapidly print drawings of different sizes. (The OCE TDS 600 is loaded with four rolls of paper so that there is no need to switch rolls for different size drawings.)
    2. The ability to scan sets of drawings.
    3. The ability to send sets of drawings to the printer from multiple work stations connected to the network.
    4. Ability to track printing per project. Currently we don't have this feature; but we would like to add this feature, since some of our jobs are reaching nearly 300 D+ size drawings per set.
    If any of you know of other brands or have used any of the brands mentioned, I would appreciate your input.
Wesley C. Werner, EIT