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Re: Font

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Sharon Robertson wrote:

Actually Bill,
Dad is alive and we just celebrated his 70th Birthday on the 27th, on a
charter, out whale watching with 50 guests 5 miles off the coast.
Whether Chuck is an insensitive clod is beyond my expertise.
Can you read me now?

I had no way of knowing these details, I just couldn't resist. Others here have allowed as how I run off at the keyboard--and they are, on further consideration, correct.

"Slashdot" is a well-known "chat site" for Gonzo Geekdom, if I may coin a phrase. Even though most of the news articles found there are serious in nature, the comments--especially the first dozen or so for each article--most decidedly are not.

There are a host of 'stock' in-jokes on the site, such as variants on the "I for one welcome our new XXXXXX overlords" quip that originated with an episode of "The Simpsons" from about ten years ago.

Another one, parodying the hypersensitive culture in which we find ourselves, is innumerable variations on "That XXXX was YYYY by my ZZZZ, you insensitive clod!" So I just let my imagination run wild, and that was the result.

Sorry if I stirred anything up. Chuck U. among others has said that I seem to have no self-control. He's probably right.

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