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Re: Incompetent Plan Checker -- Was: Ceiling deflection damage caused by exc...

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Thanks for the "lecture". I shall be more careful using the word "incompetent"
What would you call a P.E. "checking" the structural portion for a City Building Dept. where the EOR missed the following major items (just to mention a few):
1) There are no rafter ties, just a tiny (ineffective) ridge tie, no ridge beam just a ridge board.
    Using this system, the rafters would have to be trippled just to make stresses work.
2) The load to the exterior headers were taken as half of the "rafter span" in lieu of half of the roof width.
3) Interior second story shear walls are discontinuous and their loads were not transferred through the diaphragm to the 1st story shear walls (only some of the roof lateral loads made it to the base).
Now the checker is trying to tell me that he does not have to check the calculations or drawings because the structure "qualifies" for Conventional Light Framing Construction.
Luckily it was the contractor who questioned the approved plans and asked me to take a look at them.
Antonio S. Luisoni
Consulting S.E.