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Re: Buy American Steel

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On Mar 11, 2005, at 9:46 AM, Ken Peoples wrote:

In the past year or so, I heard that a fabricator was being given a hard time by the engineer (or maybe the architect) because they couldn't prove that the steel that was being used on the project was not made from recycled Japanese cars.
On the face of it, this sounds like nonsense--sounds like the engineer (or architect) has been spending too much time on the Internet.. Recycled metal has been a large component of steel from everywhere for years and years. This country also buys enormous amounts of Japanese steel and has done ever since actual manufacturing fell out of favor with corporate America, as witness our record balance of payment deficits, primarily due to manufactured goods.

As an interesting sideline, I read somewhere there are only two surviving shoe manufacturers in the US, RedWing located in Red Wing Minnesota being one of them. In fact they make pretty damn good boots. Makes me wonder where our military gets theirs.

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