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RE: Buy American Steel

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Commentary - Toyotas are built in Kentucky, Hondas are built in Ohio, Nissans are built in Tennessee - all mostly of domestic materials. My Honda is about 75% American.


Bob Shaw


(now let’s see if we can find the real laws)



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In the past year or so, I heard that a fabricator was being given a hard time by the engineer (or maybe the architect) because they couldn't prove that the steel that was being used on the project was not made from recycled Japanese cars.  I don't recall who it was, but  I am curious what the rules really are for public work regarding buying american steel. I don't think there is a lot of steel out there today that does not include recycled foreign cars, but I am not an expert.  Do any of you know where I could go to find the actual wording of the laws?  Most of the work we do is in PA and NJ.


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