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Single-angle & single-plate shear connection design

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I am looking at single-angle and single-plate connection design for steel beam-to-beam or beam-to-column connections.  I am designing in ASD and have been following the procedure on page 4-83 of the ’89 AISC and comparing my answers to the single-plate shear connection tables starting on page 4-54.  The allowable loads I am getting for the single-angle connections are comparable (slightly greater) to the single-plate tables, so this seems reasonable. 


But then, I found a single-angle connection capacity table in my ’99 LRFD on p. 10-141.  I divided the capacities in this table by an average load factor of 1.5 and compared to my ASD calcs.  The LRFD / 1.5 is much greater then my ASD capacities.  (I know, I know… don’t compare apples to oranges… but if I factor my beam loads, I’d still find that a connection selected from the LRFD table would be adequate, while my ASD calcs say that connection is not adequate.)  Even if I divide the LRFD capacities by a F.S. = 2, the capacities are still greater than for ASD, although the answers get pretty close for connections with more than 5 bolts.


Has there been some recent research that allows increased capacity for single-angle connections?



Bruce D. Holcomb, PE, SE

Structural Engineer & Vice President

Butler, Rosenbury & Partners