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Re: Two way shear in flat slab

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Dear Bhavin,
There is a new method to resist shear in flat plate (for it is no column capital, then it is called flat plate) in ACI Structural Journal edition Jan-Feb 2000 written by Mr Erick Broms with the title "Elimination of Flat Plate Punching Failure Mode". From his research report, his method has solve the problem of sudden failure of flat plate. I have contacted Erick, and made some communication with him. I have his email, if you want it you can email me directly.
Hope this info can help you.
Best Regards
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Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2005 3:25 PM
Subject: Two way shear in flat slab

Dear all,
Sub : Two way shear in flat slab
We are designing two way flat slab ( without capitals ). In this regards kindly note the following :
1) It is a G+4 building having approximately area of 700 m^2 at each floor.
2) Max. span of slab is 10.0m.
3) Capitals are not provided as per the architectural requirements.
4) Computer model is generated (using STAAD) having frame elements. Slabs at each level are also modelled with the help of plate elements.
5) Analysis is completed for vertical and lateral loads.
Your input will be appriciated for following points regarding design of slab :
1) Shear stresses will be generated in both the direction at the junction of slab and column. Kindly comment on the reinforcement details required for the same.
2) Additional details required for the punching shear.
Bhavin Shah