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Re: live load for heavy equipments

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1. You could ask the people that expect to exhibit what the equipment weighs. Then add at least 25%. You will never know how things will grow over the years. 2. You could use an AASHTO load. If trucks will deliver the equipment into the hall, HS-20 is realistic, and if it is _big_ equipment, it might be low. 3. We have designed for fire truck loading both from the largest outrigger pad load of the biggest truck the local municipality had and a more generic 450 psf. One issue if you have actual equipment weights is to determine how close they will be together. IIRC, the fire department wanted us to take their largest outrigger pad load (implying that a boom was swung over that pad) and put another right next to it, which would imply that a boom was swung the other way.
       Do not forget punching shear.
  Jim Getaz
  Winchester, Virginia

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