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Re: Great Structural Note regarding Structural Steel Detailing

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If you are using the UBC (CBC) and your connections resist seismic forces then YOU should be designing the connections; not your detailer.

Forget about UBC or any other building code. When I see someone talking about allowing a detailer to design connections, I gotta wonder if anyone bothered to tell him (or her) what century this is.

I detail my connections. They are "standard" designs as such (i.e. they follow the usual gages and spacings, etc., shown in the Manual of Steel Construction), but they are designed to the forces that _I_ have determined. I do not rely on a steel detailer to select the sizes of members, and I don't rely on them to detail connections. If they want to suggest changes, fine, I'll look at them during review, but I as EOR make the final decision as to fitness.

I really don't care who does the detailing or the fabricating or where the steel comes from. Unlike some on this subject, I happen to understand the fact that protectionism is just the moron's way to deal with reality. It's simply irrelevant one way or the other. The only reason "public" projects tend to have requirements like this is that we have an entrenched political class that insists on standing for reelection every single cycle (if it weren't so, they'd be working for the public good, not for what sounds good in the next campaign advertisement).

"Design is next?" Fat chance. I have thousands of "competitors" here in the states already, and somehow I make do. Most design engineers elsewhere are pretty much busy trying to design modern structures in their own countries (where the amount of needed construction is rather staggering).

Not being simple-minded, I just don't worry about irrelevant stuff like that. There are bigger fish to fry.

Bill Polhemus, P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company

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