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Re: Great Structural Note regarding Structural Steel Detailing

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I know of a job which had the steel detailing outsourced from the fabricator to an outsourcer (one person office in Atlanta, I believe), who in turn outsourced the detailing to cad shop in an eastern european country (possibly Poland). The process of checking shop drawings and having comments incorporated was quite lengthy, partly because of the number of hands in the official chain (EOR-GC-SteelFab-Outsourcer-CadOffice-Outsourcer-SteelFab-GC-EOR for a single iteration), and partly because no one in our office spoke the same language as anyone in the cad shop, nor were we even close to the same time zone if we had. We probably spend 2.5-3x the budget on steel shop drawings on that job.

This is not something that would have necessarily been corrected if it had occurred entirely in the US.

 - The same number of hands could have been involved,
- A similarly frustrating time zone conflict could have existed (VA to HI, for example) - The Cad shop could have been staffed entirely by legal persons who spoke no english or spanish (the only two languages spoken by our team).

Still, the chances seem slimmer of such an event happening that without the restriction.

Or it could just be xenophobia and isolationism. *shrug*

At 10:05 AM 3/14/2005 -0500, Ken wrote:
Besides the possibility that they had a really bad set of details produced
overseas and don't want to get burned again (which is the source of most of
the notes on drawings in my opinion - "don't want to get burned like that
again - better add a note to the list for the next job"), perhaps they want
to see the person who lives down the road have a job and not be on the
unemployment line.

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