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Re: Great Structural Note regarding Structural Steel Detailing

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Jordan Truesdell, PE wrote:

- The same number of hands could have been involved,
- A similarly frustrating time zone conflict could have existed (VA to HI, for example) - The Cad shop could have been staffed entirely by legal persons who spoke no english or spanish (the only two languages spoken by our team).

Still, the chances seem slimmer of such an event happening that without the restriction.

Or it could just be xenophobia and isolationism. *shrug*

I just think that things like this are a losing proposition, likely the result of someone putting a good "sales job" on someone else. Not everything that's supposed to be "cheaper" really is, when the whole bill is tallied up.

For example: A steel building manufacturer has been running radio ads here in our market for a couple of years, touting the "fact" that a preengineered steel building is "half the cost" and takes "half the time to erect" than "conventional construction."


If that's so, how come we still see so many "conventionally constructed" small footprint single-story buildings going up? Is that the result of "not getting the word out" on the incredible cost savings of the steel building? Or is the equation actually more complex than that?

You make the call.

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