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RE: Beach front property

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Timberstrand LSL wood framing [studs, plates, etc.] is available with an
integral Borate Wood preservative applied during the manufacturing process.
See TrusJoist Catalogs Reorder 2111 and 2119.  Borate preservative can be
leached from wood by contact with water, so this may not be appropriate, but
you might want to check with the TrusJoist folks about appropriateness for a
beach-front application.  I recommend stainless steel fasteners throughout.

ZRC [Zinc-Rich Coating] and Zinc-Brite are two brands of zinc-rich paint
that I've specified for touch-up at cuts into galvanized metal parts.

I think my preference would be for LSL framing in stead of metal studs.  The
salt-laden air will be an agent that is constantly working on the metal, and
will eventually breech the galvanized coating -- moisture penetration will
be an occasional threat.

Nels Roselund, SE
South San Gabriel, CA

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