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Re: Great Structural Note regarding Structural Steel Detailing

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Gary Hodgson & Associates wrote:

Besides the fact that is against the NAFTA rules,
it is bad policy.  Trade protectionism is bad and
gives rise to little, annoying side effects among
others such as World War II.


1) It is a staple of "know-nothingism" in this country--a heritage since the mid-1800s. 2) It is a simple "feel-good" remedy soothing to the minds of those who don't want to bother to educate themselves as to economic realities that are as immovable as the tides. 3) It's convenient for politicians that like to pander to those simple minds.

I believe fervently in the "invisible hand." Economic advantages will always be exploited; economic cul-de-sacs will inevitably be abandoned. To me, it makes little sense to worry about "protecting" industries or economic sectors. It's like opening an umbrella in a hurricane. Irrelevant.

What works, will happen. What doesn't will be discarded. Best to try to observe and work with economic trends instead of standing there pretending they don't exist.

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