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RE: Beach front property

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1.  You must have some pretty nasty bugs that can eat through metal studs <;-)

2.  There is nothing wrong with bolted moment connections.  They are done all the time in the industrial world and there is even a FEMA 350 prequalified bolted connection that is pretty straight forward (one note of caution is that there is an errata for some of the formulas).  You can also get your twist-off bolts supplied with mechanical galvanizing; just paint touch up the ends after twisting off.

3.  As far as welding galvanized steel you have a couple of options.  The first, which is recommended by AWS, is to remove the galvanizing in the weld area.  This can be done by a special coating in the weld area prior to galvanizing or grinding the weld area after galvanizing.  You can also use a torch and burn the galvanizing off.  The second option is to weld through the galvanizing which takes some slightly modified welding procedures.  The American Galvanizers Association ( has a paper you can download.

4.  Yes, welding zinc can be toxic but I doubt you would need a whole environmental impact study.  Just clear the immediate area for the non welding personnel during the welding operation.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

"Mark D. Baker" <shake4bake(--nospam--at)>

03/15/2005 08:45 AM

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RE: Beach front property


I did talk to our local tji rep yesterday who suggested this product also.
Apparently trus joist now has the production capacity  for the "strandguard"
product which allowed them to formally announce it's availability in the
California market.

I've further researched the zinc-borate treatment which is an EPA-registered
biocide which appears to be quite benign with regard to human and
environmental safety.

Another plus is trus joists' product guarantee against wood destroying
insects and decay, you won't get that with metal studs.

On the topic of the structural steel vertical/lateral system.....If I were
to spec hot dipped galvanized members, would stainless bolts be appropriate
for bolted connections? I would think galvanizing members would lead me down
the path of bolted moment connections for frame elements due to toxicity of
welding galvanized material (burn off fumes). I wonder if there is some EPA
restriction on field welding galv. material in a residential neighborhood?

Finally, thanks to all for the responses.

Mark D. Baker
Baker Engineering

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Timberstrand LSL wood framing [studs, plates, etc.] is available with an
integral Borate Wood preservative applied during the manufacturing process.
See TrusJoist Catalogs Reorder 2111 and 2119.  Borate preservative can be
leached from wood by contact with water, so this may not be appropriate, but
you might want to check with the TrusJoist folks about appropriateness for a
beach-front application.  I recommend stainless steel fasteners throughout.

ZRC [Zinc-Rich Coating] and Zinc-Brite are two brands of zinc-rich paint
that I've specified for touch-up at cuts into galvanized metal parts.

I think my preference would be for LSL framing in stead of metal studs.  The
salt-laden air will be an agent that is constantly working on the metal, and
will eventually breech the galvanized coating -- moisture penetration will
be an occasional threat.

Nels Roselund, SE
South San Gabriel, CA

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