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RE: Perforated Wood shear wall

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List Members:

The SEAONC Seismic Design Manual (Vol II) published a method of
analyzing perforated shear walls using a coupled beam methodology.  The
SEAONC method assumes a point of contraflexure at the mid-height and
mid-length of the wall opening.    I created an EXCEL spreadsheet using
this method and noticed  that depending on the wall panel width ratio on
either side of the opening,  you could end up with answers that may not
make sense - for example, a change in direction of the uplift/download
force along the outer edge of the shear walls, a change in direction of
the wall shear in adjacent panels.  

I modified the spreadsheet to assume the point of contraflexure to be
governed by the ratio of the wall pier width as well as the wall panel
height above and below the window opening.  The result with this change
appears to be "better" than the one using SEAONC Desing Manual's
assumption.  If anyone on this List would like to try this spreadsheet
out, please e-mail be privately at engginfo(--nospam--at)  If you want
you name to put in the spreadsheet header, please send me your name and
address too.


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