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Re: Adding nail values to bolt values

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Garner, Robert wrote:


’97 NDS, Section says, “Design values for mixed fastener connections shall be based on tests or other analysis (see”

Section says essentially the same thing. “Other analysis” is not defined. Kind of a non-definite answer.

I suppose "other analysis" leaves the door open for a bit of ingenuity, such as FEM analysis--some of the FEA tools are pretty sophisticated and could easily analysis something like this, even including non-linearity.

Since Joe lives in an area of the country where they actually have to spend time and money to get stuff right, perhaps testing is the answer? Sometimes you can work with local public institutions or other orgs like AWC to defray the cost of testing. I'm not sure about the scope of this job; if it's a large structure (or many repeat installations) this would probably be worthwhile. Otherwise, maybe not.

Bill Polhemus, P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company

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