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Re: ASCE 7

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Scott Maxwell wrote:


As others have said, yes...there is a new version forthcoming.  The 2005
edition will be out relatively soon.  The committee is currently finishing
a ballot on some "supplement" issues that I believe arose from the IBC
hearings.  I am not sure if those issue being balloted will be in the 2005
edition or if they will do a "supplement" to the 2005 edition.

I'm curious:

If by "IBC hearings" you mean comments on the work on the IBC, why does this have direct bearing on ASCE 7?

I thought that IBC (and NFPA for that matter) referenced ASCE 7, not the other way around.

Excuse the ignorant question, I am not plugged in to the "new" consensus process for building code development and truly don't understand how it works. It seems like it ought to be that IBC has reps on the ASCE committee (voting or non-voting) and reports back to the IBC so they can be apprised. It just sounds like "cart before the horse" to this untutored observer.

Bill Polhemus, P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company

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