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RE: beach front construction

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Maybe these questions were already asked/answered, but:
-What part of the US? Hurricane or seismic or both? (hot and humid SE, moderate and dry S Cal, cold and wet NW and NE)
-Direct ocean front? Up on a bluff or cliff? Any chance of storm surge getting to it? Behind a dune a few feet off sea level?
Does salt laden air penetrate wall systems like say siding, paper, sheathing? Get in through the soffits? Get past stucco and grout and into filled cell reinf. ?
Does your contractor have a favorite sub or method he can do cheaper?  (Tilt, CIP concrete, steel, wood)
I think these would help you select the ideal system. Also how much is the client willing to pay to eliminate more readily available and common materials?
Andrew Kester, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
Lake Mary, FL