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Re: Road Repair Advice Needed

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I just got home from an evening adult ed class at the local college, so I'm a little late with my reply.  Back several months ago I ask a question to the list about retaining walls of stone.  What I learned is that the term is "rockery wall" and not worth much over 4' or so in height as the stone size becomes very large.  Any way, what I was going to suggest is what you suggested to the owner who then rejected it.  Remove the stone, build the retaining wall and then replace the stone as a veneer.  Any excavation may cause a loss of the rock wall anyway.
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Nels Roselund wrote:


Unless the stones of the existing wall are very BIG, as described by Ralph, my guess is that they are not acting as a retaining wall, but are acting as slope protection and erosion control.  If that is the case, you may destabilize them by trying to trench behind them.  Installing veneer ties into dry-stacked stone may be pretty risky ? I would not want to be the one installing anchors between all that rock and the hard place behind it.

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First let me thank everyone who provided some additional thoughts - I am definitely going to look into each. Nels, I agree - however, I thought I could install ties going through the front of the stone similar to what we did with URM buildings if I can create enough of a bond. However, what I actually suggested that the owner rejected was to remove the stone and replace it with an actual veneer thickness made from the original stone that can be tied to the face of the new wall.
As usual, I agree with you but would really like to investigate both suggestions by James and Dan Novak as I had not considered these (or even known they existed) before they mentioned it to me.

Thanks again to everyone including those I have yet to read.



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