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Re: thermoply

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IIRC I posted something about cardboard shearwalls when I first saw them in the field years back. ICBO had let them run monotonic tests on completed wall assemblies.  It looked to me like most of the shear capacity came from the other interior & exterior sheathing materials. The moral of that story was not to accept an ER without reviewing it carefully.

RE: Your blog. Be careful about "slandering" someone who may have a lawyer on retainer.  I'd post pictures without naming names unless I had my own legal advice first.

Chuck Utzman, P.E.

Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:
akester wrote:
That matches the description of what a contractor told me they used to use a lot in the 70s and early 80s in Florida before they "discovered" what crap (technical term) it was. Glorified cardboard is what he called that vaunted its thermal abilities. Turns out it swells when wet or moist (great in FL), has little to no shear value, and insulates like a hotel sheet.
Other winners I have seen lately:
Wood frame, diagonal straps for shear, 1/2" rigid insulation board, lathe and stucco (on a house)
Stucco sprayed over aluminum siding, no sheathing, siding attached directly to wood studs (gable end of house)
Vinyl siding over rigid insulation board, attached to studs, no sheathing, no diag straps (two story house)
All in hurricane alley.
And I could go on and on....
Andrew Kester, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
Lake Mary, FL
I'm putting together a bunch of pictures for my Blog on conventional construction including the one just down the block from my home where the site is littered with garbage and packages (empties) of Bud Lite. These homes will sell in the $290K range and are the worst junk I've seen. I am sorry to see this builder so close to my own home as I believe it will bring down the value of homes in the area (comps).

I would like to post pictures of these types of issues to bring them to the attention of the community and builders. Am I allowed to stand on the street and photograph this sloppy work including the developers advertisement and publish it on my Blog? If anyone has this type of information that can help me please let me know. In the mean time, I have dozens of shots (or more) that should be publicized as what not to do.

Andrew, please send me what you have and let's get a Blog going over these types of construction atrocities.

Send any format and I can convert to view in the fastest Regen rate and show an enlarged figure in a separate window Include some description if you feel it needs it.

For all others - I refer you to the new Off-the-Wall Professional Blog! at .




Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
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