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Adding nail values to bolt values

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A week-end home test could be to build up blocks at two ends of a member one with nails and bolts and at the other end use bolts only. Balance the design capacity assuming the nails and bolts will share load. Use a hydraulic car jack (I bought mine for $5 at a garage sale) between the two blocks and start jacking. Note and chart the movement at the two end blocks per unit repetition of the jacking and see what can be reported.
Conclusions may require many tests with varying allowed grains and knot patterns, But... an initial test can easily tell where the idea is headed. The trash can or the hall of fame for repair ideas.
As already said, by others, I bet the initial resistance will be nails-only. The deflection required to load the Bolts is well past the developed capacity of the nail.
I wonder if the plastic range of the nail is adequate to still have resistance at the displacement required to develop the bolt???
A nail repair could prove to be a better idea, if the nails can hold up at the larger bolt displacement. The initial resistance of the nails could help to partially balance irregularities in the truss framing and oversized holes that one can not see between other members.
Predrilling for nails could be considered for the dry wood.
David Merrick
Sacramento, CA