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RE: good engineering dictionary and p.e. advice

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Where did you find Ben Yousefi’s SE Review Manual?  Has his been updated to the IBC?  I should probably see if I can get a copy.



J. Grill


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A Visual Dictionary of Architecture by Francis Ching;

Construction Dictionary (Phoenix, AZ, Library of Congress #81-83651);

Dictionary of Building Trades by Leonard P. Toenjes.


Bridge Design:

Bridge Engineering by D.T. Tonias.


Structural (for PE):


246 Solved Structural Engineering Problems by C.D. Buckner.   

CE Manual by Michael Lindenburg.


For structural exam, SE Review Manual by Ben Yousefi helped me the most.




V. Steve Gordin, PhD
Registered Structural Engineer
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Subject: good engineering dictionary and p.e. advice


Hello All-

I’m looking for a good engineering or scientific dictionary – any recommendations? This would be for everyday use, but also for the P.E. exam in April.

Also, does anyone have advice for a first-timer taking the exam (civil-structural)?   





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