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Re: Adding nail values to bolt values--OT re codes

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Joe, your comments reminded me of when I was living at Cordes Junction (in the era of the Copper Star, not Macdonalds).

On the way to the "city" of Mayer to do my laundry I stopped in at a new antique shop alongside Big Bug Creek, built to look like an old barn.  It had 2x4 "beams" supporting 2x4 rafters and similar barn-like framing.  And I'd heard that the area once got 3' of snow!  And the bathroom light switch was behind the door, right up by the top hinge--hard to find in the dark. 

It was then that the real need for codes hit me, as I fumbled in the dark in a building that would probably have collapsed if it ever received its "design" loads. 

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In a message dated 3/15/05 3:26:59 PM, jgrill(--nospam--at) writes:
There really isn't much redundancy in this roof.  Things have just worked
under the safety factor umbrella.  On the other hand the structure hasn't
seen any real heavy snow loads such as we have to design for up here.  That
does make a difference in what has been working and what I have to do for
the "Client".

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