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Jordan Truesdell, PE wrote:

Sorry, I'm coming late to this party (had to get some paying work done ;-)...While lawsuits can be filed by anyone at anytime, why would this not be protected by the first amendment?

*Taking deep breath*

Because the First Amendment--as is the case with *all* the Amendments making up the Bill of Rights, a thing which the "gun control" people also want us to forget--ONLY restrains the GOVERNMENT from prohibiting free speech. Individuals are not affected.

You don't have the "right" to lie about me with impunity. But you can "lie" about the government, for example, and they have no recourse. (That's why folks like MoveOn.Org have nothing to fear from lawsuits).

Therefore, I can go into court and sue for defamation if I am defamed. Although to you and to me, it might seem open-and-shut that these photos represent fact, the interpretation thereof by Dennis (or anyone who posted them) would be subject to serious scrutiny in that case.

(N.B. The First Amendment is far more under threat by the so-called "Campaign Finance Reform" law than anything else).

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