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Repair of Aluminum Trusses

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A few days ago I went to view a pipe bridge which spanned over a 
road.  It was a box truss fabricated from aluminum.  A dump truck 
driver tried to drive under it with the box still up.  As a result of 
the collision, several members have been bent or broken.  The chord 
members have been bent as much as 15" out of alignment over a length 
of 20'-0".  The diagonals have been bent or broken.

Although I have designed aluminum members before, I have never dealt 
with a repair job.  Is it advisable to replace the bent members by 
welding in new members or by trying to straighten them?  My gut 
instinct is to weld in new members but I would appreciate comments 
from list members who have more experience with aluminum design and 
fabrication.  Photos available on request.


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