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Re: I Got Th' "Eagle Done Flew" Blues!

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David Fisher wrote:

We have it in Illinois...

We have to sign a partial/final "waiver of lien" each time we receive
A check from a construction loan entity like a title company.
I was about to state that I didn't know if engineers can utilize "mechanic's lien." But you reminded me: I have signed such wavers before in the past, usually for public works.

So it may be that I could go that route. I think in the end I may just take a trip down to Galveston (where the Archy's located; it's an hour-and-a-half drive) and pay him a visit. I really would like to do work for him in the future. The only thing he SEEMS to be upset about is that I "took too long" to complete the drawings.

This was my fault, because I led him to believe I could complete the work far sooner than reality proved. My worst deficit is not being able to project the amount of work required for some of the "non-standard" jobs I often do. For example, this same architect gave me a job to do for a rather odd commercial sign structure. The archy estimated "one drawing, two days." Uh-huh.

Try FIVE drawings, two WEEKS.

Of course I end up looking quite the schmuck by that time.

(FWIW, they paid promptly in that case).

Bill Polhemus, P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company

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