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Re: last off topic, sorry....

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Sharon Robertson wrote:

So is your point, Bill, that we should support this "lack of human rights,
labor laws, OSHA, environmental laws, and their money inflation"?
No. I think we should always adhere to principles of freedom. But I also think that the Communist governments in China, North Korea, Cuba and elsewhere are going to collapse before too long, rotting from within. The average age of the Chinese politburo is something like 89.

What I'm REALLY saying is that simplistic arguments like "balance of trade" etc. are just smokescreens for those who favor old-style protectionism. I am not willing to destroy--or even wound--our economy as we did in 1929 with Smoot-Hawley just because we think that the Chinese government is "mean."

Bill Polhemus, P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company

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