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Re: I Got Th' "Eagle Done Flew" Blues!

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Arvel L. Williams, P.E. wrote:


Amen and pass the gunpowder.


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Personally, I do not consider $150 high.

My tax lawyer $250
My contracts attorney  $350
My accountant $250

The guy who operated the backhoe in my yard, $150

I wont even bring in doctors, dentists
See, this is an extension of what I was complaining about to begin with.

Can you imagine this guy sending back a partial payment to his attorney, and complaining "your fees are just outrageous, I'm not paying a penny more!"

It just will never happen.

Until we as S.E.s stand together in the SAME WAY that other professions do, and insist on fair value for our work we're going nowhere.

Reminds me of the anecdote about the man who went to the dentist for some work. Before he went in to see the Doctor, the accounts manager went over the cost of what they were going to do. He was shocked, and wandered into the examining room in a daze.

When the Dentist came in, the man had been brooding about the bill for some time. As the Dentist prepared to go to work, the man took the opportunity to rail about how ridiculous the cost of the procedure was. "Good grief, you're only going to be installing a single cotton-pickin' crown! It's not like major surgery or anything! How much can that stuff cost? How much time could it possibly take? This is just outrageous! I'll bet you have a huge home, drive an expensive car and belong to the country club!" On and on he went.

The Dentist said nothing for awhile, then excused himself. He was gone a few moments, then returned with a shoe box. Inside were some dental appliance materials and various dental instruments.

"I'm sorry, sir," the Dentist said, handing the man the box. "I didn't realize you wanted the do-it-yourself kit! That's only $49.99. Pay at the front, and good luck with your procedure!"

Bill Polhemus, P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company

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