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Re: last off topic, sorry....

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Bill Polhemus wrote:
Sharon Robertson wrote:

So is your point, Bill, that we should support this "lack of human rights,
labor laws, OSHA, environmental laws, and their money inflation"?

No. I think we should always adhere to principles of freedom. But I also think that the Communist governments in China, North Korea, Cuba and elsewhere are going to collapse before too long, rotting from within. The average age of the Chinese politburo is something like 89.

What I'm REALLY saying is that simplistic arguments like "balance of trade" etc. are just smokescreens for those who favor old-style protectionism. I am not willing to destroy--or even wound--our economy as we did in 1929 with Smoot-Hawley just because we think that the Chinese government is "mean."

You're a lamb simply waiting for the slaughter. Personally, I am not willing to give up my children's future to wait for the global economy to stabilize. I'm old enough now to be affected seriously by the global changes, but what bothers me is that you focus on the results and ignore the difficulties that these changes cause the foundation of the American economy.
You have been a target of this in the past and you will continue to be a target unless you intend to inherit big time. My wife is a nurse - we live in California as you know and Arnold is fighting the Unions so that he can lay off Nurses by increasing the patient to nurse ratio in nearly 400 hospitals. I do well in my business, but my wife is our source of health insurance that she and I can not obtain on our own as we are considered "high risks".
Not only has the patient/nurse ratio increases, the hospitals have phased out CNA's which are essentially nurses aids that do much of the leg work and patient care (bathing etc.) and this adds to the work load that the nurses have to take on. So not only does the ratio increase, but the nurses have to do the work the CNA's were hired to do and this becomes dangerous since mistakes in medication and care can happen. A 5:1 ratio is about as much as most nurses can handle and Arnold wants to increase this to 8:1. A California judge overruled the governor and reduced the patient ration to 4:1 understanding that safety and patient care are not an economic issue. You could be a recipient of poor care - I know this as I experienced hospitalization in this state and Illinois where the nursing staff was pushed to their limits in Illinois. I can't blame the nursing staff, but they made mistakes and in California one small mistake transfered a Staph infection to me that took more than a year to get rid of and cost the insurance company more than $6,000.00 in antibiotic costs as a results of pushing the nurses beyond their safety factor.

So when you sacrifice the lamb to the wolves think about the sacrifice that needs to be made and think more about who really profits from the transaction. I think you want to study the theory and it is easy to do when there are no faces to confront that are the sacrifices to your plans of a stable global economy.

How will you fight this - call me a liberal as though I should be insulted (on the contrary), call me a socialist (maybe there is room for some socialist within a capitalistic society to care for those who need the help). Names don't change the facts and the facts are that to accomplish your goal you have squash the middle class so it no longer exists. What is so puzzling is that this includes you and me, but you are a willing "lamb".



Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
Structural Engineering Consultant


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